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UK Court Says No To Harry getting paid police protection

Prince Harry’s already strained relationship with his father, King Charles III, may face further damage following the denial of the Duke of Sussex’s request to personally cover the cost of his own police protection in court.

According to royal commentator Shannon Felton Spence, “Harry has clearly expressed his lack of safety in the U.K. and is establishing his life in California,” as stated in her remarks to Fox News Digital.

After Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle stepped back from their roles in the royal family in 2020, the British government ceased providing them with police protection. Subsequently, Prince Harry has been engaged in a legal battle, arguing that the security measures are still necessary for his family and offering to bear the expenses himself.

No No says UK Court

During the UK court proceedings, a government lawyer contended that it would be inappropriate to hire “police officers as private bodyguards for wealthy individuals.” Additionally, the lawyer expressed concerns about the strain on police resources, the potential establishment of a precedent, and the perception of unfairness.

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Another royal expert, Ian Pelham Turner, emphasized that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s inability to finance their own police protection is a significant setback for the couple, who have withdrawn from their roles as working royals.

Turner described the ruling from the UK court as “another major blow” and suggested exploring alternative methods of financing royal projects, considering the evolving circumstances surrounding the royal family, particularly King Charles.

Charles and Authority

However, Fox News Digital’s experts noted that King Charles lacks the authority to overturn the court’s decision. “The sovereign does not interfere with the government,” explained Spence. “There exists a strong separation between the two institutions in the U.K. constitutional monarchy. The High Court and the Home Office are governmental entities.”

Furthermore, Spence pointed out that the royal family rarely brings issues to court, as they believe it is not in their best interest to air their grievances or present a narrative of being wronged.

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