Thursday, October 6, 2022
US hospital arranges 'retirement paw-ty' for therapy doggo. 'Aww's guaranteed

US hospital arranges ‘retirement paw-ty’ for therapy doggo. ‘Aww’s guaranteed

'Retirement paw-ty' put together for therapy dog in US hospital

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India — There is no doubt that doggos can be one of the best support systems and companions for humans. And some doggos deserve a bit of extra celebration for the amazing assistance they gave many humans in need. Just like Tassy, a visiting therapy doggo of Doctor’s Medical Centre, Florida who received a heartwarming farewell from the hospital staff on her last day at the centre. The tail-wagging happy pooch may melt your heart just like other netizens.

“One of our longtime Service League volunteers, Geri Azevedo, has been bringing her sweet therapy dog Tassy to our hospital for more than eight years. Over that time, Tassy’s gentle nature has brought joy and solace to so many. Although Geri will continue as a volunteer with us, 12-year-old Tassy will be enjoying the sweet peace of retirement at home. Today, we honored Tassy by giving her a “Code Sun” celebratory walk and retirement paw-ty as she officially passed the bone to our current service dog, Bria,” reads the caption shared alongside the post.

The pictures included in the post show Azevedo walking with Tassy as the hospital staff clap for them. One picture shows Tassy interacting with the new therapy doggo recruit Bria. Some photos also show the cute cake gifted to Tassy from the centre along with a certificate for her services.

Take a look at the share:

If the photos left you wanting for more glimpses of the doggo, take a look at Tassy’s happiness in this clip:

Shared on May 1, the post has garnered several reactions from netizens.

“You will be missed Tassy! Thank you for always bringing a smile to those who needed it most,” wrote a Facebook user. “Aww, thank you both for bringing some peace and joy to the sick and suffering. Tassy, enjoy your retirement,” commented another.

“Well done sweet pup,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this share?

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