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Video shows chunk of ice breaking in a pleasing manner. Seen it yet?

"The way it breaks," (is oddly satisfying) reads the caption alongside the video




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, Nov. 4 — The has a vast variety of videos in different categories. While some of them induce excitement, others leave you feeling calm. This old clip that resurfaced on captures both the emotions of excitement and calmness. Chances are you may find hard to hold back your ‘wows’.

Shared under the subreddit ‘oddly satisying’, the clip a person scooping out a chunk of ice from a body. The person then drops the ice on a wooden ground that makes the chunk shatter in numerous perfectly shaped pieces.

“The way it breaks,” reads the caption alongside the .

Check out the video and get ready to play it on loop:

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Posted on November 3, the clip has garnered over 45,000 upvotes and many comments from netizens. People couldn’t stop pointing out how satisfying the broken ice looked. Many dropped comments describing the video as a soothing treat for the eyes.

“Instant Fortress of Solitude,” wrote a . “Is it weird that I want to eat it?” asked another. To which one replied, “Hold on, go to the back, there’s a line”.

“Forbidden rock candy,” said a third. “Oh I-cy,” pointed a fourth punily.

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