LifestyleRelationshipsWarning signs the man you’re dating is playing you for a fool

Warning signs the man you’re dating is playing you for a fool

In this article, the writer shows how to spot the warning signs that you are probably dating a man who is taking you for a fool.

Have you ever felt like the man you’re with is just not committed to you and doesn’t care for you but it’s simply too late to back out as you are so invested emotionally or you have spent a good number of years waiting and hoping for something more than what you have now.

There are some early signs that may have gone unheeded and if you’re calling it quits here are some things to look out for before you dive headlong into another relationship.

Warning Signs

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Remember it is always your decision on how you want to be treated in a relationship and what you deserve. Don’t sell yourself short to maintain such bonds, which are illusory at best.

Here are some of the warning signs:

  1. Everything always goes according to his timing. Granted there are moments when work commitments take precedence but if you find yourself always having to dance around his schedule this is a big warning sign.
  2. He has rules about how often you can meet. Two weekends in a row is too soon? Once a fortnight is too much? Watch out, you may be so low on the priority list and he may looking for other women as you aren’t the best thing going for him and he doesn’t realise how precious you or your time is.
  3. He knows more about you than you do about him. If you often end up doing all the talking during a conversation and he doesn’t have much to say he may be hiding something or just keeping his distance. Although it’s possible that he may be reserved or takes time to open up but if it’s something that doesn’t change down the road, watch out.

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More signs

  1. He tells you at the outset that he doesn’t want a relationship but you continue to date him because he has potential or is nice or engages you in interesting conversation. Remember he likes the attention and this will be used against you later when you ask him where things are going. Some people like the push and pull of non-relationships especially commitment phobic and toxic people, it gives them a sense of validation and boosts their self-esteem although their insecurity is well hidden.
  2. He claims he has never been in love. If he is over 40 and still says he hasn’t been in love ever, don’t be drawn to him as your project. Walk away quickly and briskly and don’t convince yourself that things might be any different with you. He is likely an emotionally unavailable man and will always stay that way.
  3. He texts you all the time but won’t make time to see you. Some men love this, texting you things like ‘good morning beautiful’ and more is quite meaningless if he can’t make time to see you. He is probably texting several other women at the same time. Imagine the ego boost of texting a bunch of single girls. Do not engage no matter how lonely or wanted it makes you feel, if he is serious he would make the effort to see you.

There also ways on how to be a better partner in a relationship. Such ways to explore for better relationships when in a situation like this.

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