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We all have needs, Malaysian man’s post calling out men visiting prostitutes in Sg goes viral




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”After one man from Alor Setar heard that some Malaysian men live and work in visit prostitutes to get their needs met while their wives are back home, he did not take sitting down, but called out their double standards right away.

measures implemented to prevent the spread of Covid-19 has made going home to extremely difficult, Lokido Baker wrote in an Oct 17 Facebook post.

Due to border control, going back to Malaysia from Singapore is almost impossible. Just a return trip costs over thousands of SGD. With the wives or girlfriends stuck at home, what are the men doing to satisfy their biological needs?

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Some of Mr Lokido’s acquaintances had told him that they visit workers to feel the warmth of a woman, and to make sure their needs are met.

He continued, When I was chatting with a group of male , a few of the guys (they are my friend’s . I am not close to them, they are just an acquaintance) shared with that they’ve started engaging with working girls

Meanwhile, back home in Malaysia, the partners of these men have no idea that they’re stepping out. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, the men told him.

He wrote in the post which has since gotten over 8,000 shares, They will go to Geylang or around Chinatown to drink. The girls there will chat them up and drink together with them. Then, they’ll get a hotel room and have sex.

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Each session costs about $100 to $200. For the particularly pretty ones, it can go up to $400 to $800.

But if their wives and girlfriends did the same thing back home it would be unacceptable, as he said they told him “women shouldn’t do that.

He asked the men, If your wife/ is also lonely at home, and they go out seeking for pleasure, are you able to accept it?

They answered, No way. If that happens, then I’m considered being cuckolded.

And then Mr Lokido followed up his question with another. But, if the women don’t let you guys know about it, then it’s okay right? You won’t be hurt.

The men said, No, no. Women are not allowed to behave this way.

He wrote, After hearing from them. I just nodded and changed the topic of conversation.

The problem, he underlined, is not sex work in and of itself, but the double standards that the men live by. This puzzled him, as he added that everyone ”men and women ”have the same biological needs.

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I think one thing everyone can agree on is that we shouldn’t have double standards.

Men can do it, women can’t. Why? We all have biological needs. I really don’t understand.

If the man can’t accept his own wife going out seeking pleasure for her biological needs, then as the husband, he needs to learn from that.

Remember: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” /TISG

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