Asia Singapore Wear White Campaign organisers engages ex-ISA detainee for anti-LGBT seminar

Wear White Campaign organisers engages ex-ISA detainee for anti-LGBT seminar

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Wear White an anti-LGBT movement in Singapore founded by Islamic religious leader Ustaz Noor Deros in 2014, is promoting a forum targeted at countering LGBT “propaganda”.

In its panel of speakers (besides Noor) are Zulfikar Bin Mohamad Shariff, a Singapore-born Australian detained under ISA in 2016, and Mohamed Acharki, an Australia-based Islamic sciences scholar.

Noor rose to prominence in 2014, after the Straits Times published an article reporting that he had launched an online campaign called Wear White asking Muslims to don white clothes to protest against homosexuality and to defend traditional family values. A Facebook page, website and YouTube channel were set up urging Muslims to “return to fitrah” (the Arabic word for “natural”) and to support “what is good and pure”.

Noor, who taught religious classes at Hajar Consultancy Services in Joo Chiat, writing on the campaign website, said: “The natural state of human relationships is now under sustained attack by LGBT activists.” He said that holding the Pink Dot 2014 event on the eve of Ramadan showed their “disdain for Islam and the family”. He urged Muslims to “stand up and defend the sanctity of family” and wear white to the first terawih prayers that day.

In 2014, the Wear White campaign was supported by Faisal Manap, Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC and Vice-Chairman of the Workers’ Party. National University of Singapore Malay Studies professor Syed Muhd Khairudin Aljunied, who drew flak earlier in 2014 for describing lesbianism as “cancers” and Zulfikar were also among the supporters.

The Wear White forum, the first by the informal group to be held this year, will be held online on Facebook on 26 March 2022 at 8pm Singapore time.

The organisers describe the event as such:

“Artificial ‘values’ such as ‘FREEDOM TO LOVE’ are those which are thrust upon nations and societies through political campaigning, media propaganda and threatful legislative coercions.

“Understand the role of modern liberalism for the success of LGBT agenda in today’s context as opposed to Islamic teachings on sexuality and homosexuality.”

The anti-LGBT forum is organised against the backdrop of Reach doing an electronic Leaning Point (eLP) LGBT+ Survey. Reach is a Government Feedback Unit. Reach closed this eLP today. It said there “there has been an overwhelming response that far exceeds the usual number of responses received for eLP exercise.

In early March, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said that the Singapore Government is considering the “best way forward” on Section 377A, a law which criminalises gay sex, and in doing so will respect different viewpoints and consider them carefully.

“And if and when we decide to move, we will do so in a way that continues to balance between these different viewpoints, and avoids causing a sudden, destabilising change in social norms and public expectations,” he said in Parliament.

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