Friday, December 2, 2022
AsiaMalaysia'What is your dream wedding?' sparks a social media frenzy in Malaysia

‘What is your dream wedding?’ sparks a social media frenzy in Malaysia

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The Malaysian Examinations Syndicate came under fire on Twitter for the choice of questions asked to teens in an oral examination.

Netizens are up in arms, saying the Ministry should not bother kids with ‘marriage’ issues.

Little Minx said: “Our birth rate too low is it that our edu(education) system has to impose Qs(questions) related to marriage to SPM takers.”

One user said she had prepared for tough higher order thinking questions by reading up on facts and was given the poser instead, clipping her tweet with clown emojis.

Many users expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that minors were being questioned in this manner.

They also inquired as to who posed the question and how a child was expected to respond.

Some inquired as to what the examination board meant by “dream wedding,” while others listed a slew of more pertinent questions, such as public transportation issues, and so on.

Others stated that three minutes is insufficient time to explain their ideal weddings.


Parents and former deputy education minister Teo Nie Ching slammed the question, “What is your dream wedding?”

Teo stated that the oral question was inappropriate for 17-year-olds and that the students should not be forced to consider marriage because there were many other important issues in their lives that needed to be addressed.

The question was about the customary and cultural syllabus in the Form 4 Bahasa Melayu textbook, which discusses wedding performances as well as the community spirit during these ceremonies.

A spokesperson for the Malay-Muslim Teachers Association defended the Ministry of Education for posing the question to the teenagers.

According to the official, the question-creation process followed a strict question construction method, and the panel of evaluators would have discussed it before it was approved.

If the question contained an error, the set of questions would have been rejected at an early stage.

According to him, the dream marriage (question) refers to the way of life of each race and culture, and it is covered in the Form 4 Bahasa Melayu subject.

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