Asia Malaysia Whip the illegal immigrants says top security official in Malaysia

Whip the illegal immigrants says top security official in Malaysia

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Governments around the world are struggling to keep the influx of migrants under control, and in Malaysia, the number of illegal immigrants is a major source of concern for border control officials.

To make matters worse, Malaysia’s industrial productivity is heavily reliant on cheap labour. It is more dependent on the exportation of low-cost goods than one might think.

This does not help the country’s efforts to halt the influx of illegal migrants. They come from nearby countries or from far away.

The Rohingya Muslims are most likely among the top migrants to Malaysia, where they seek refuge, work, and use the country as a base to migrate to greener pastures.

Whip them!

With this backdrop, it appears that Malaysia will resort to extreme and possibly extralegal measures to keep the migrants at bay.

According to reports, a senior cop has proposed that the government use corporal punishment against undocumented migrants who have been caught repeatedly entering the country through illegal entry points.

The Malay language daily Sinar Harian says federal internal security and public order director Hazani Ghazali believes repeat offenders should be whipped. He adds that this would serve as a deterrent for future offences.

More whipping

Malaysia has a website that explains in detail how the laws and rules governing whipping for jailbirds and criminal offenders are to be carried out.

The country is already using the whip on offenders for crimes considered illicit such as sex outside of marriage, anti-Islamic behaviour like drinking alcohol and for LGBT activities if you are a Muslim.

A caning sentence (also known as whipping) under the law can a severe punishment. Watch this video on whipping in Malaysia.

“We will not compromise at all on the issue of illegal immigration because it can affect national security,” says Ghazali.

Whipping is already used as a form of punishment for unauthorised entry into Malaysia. The penalty for illegal entry, according to Section 6(3) of the Immigration Act, is a fine of up to RM10,000 or imprisonment for up to five years.

Offenders may also face a whipping of up to six strokes. No other government officials commented on the matter, so far.

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