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White man dragged unconscious South Asian passenger off train in Los Angeles just because he wanted to get home sooner




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A white man in wanted to get home early, dragged out another man became unconscious after having a seizure in the train. The incident happened on a Metro Blue Line in Long Beach, around 10:30 p.m. on August 1, and the unconscious man was identified as a South Asian – possibly from the Indian subcontinent.

The suited-up white man said he did not have the time to wait for paramedics before dragging the unconscious man off the train. He asked other passengers in the train to help him drag the unconscious man from his seat off the train, but nobody helped him. Instead, the other passengers kept the train door open and tried to stop the train from leaving.

(WARNING: The following video contains nudity and graphic content)

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A commuter who filmed the entire incident said: “So this dude is passed out on the train and this motherf** white boy is doing the motherf** most. This mother**er just yanked him off the f**ing train so he won’t have to stop and miss his f**ing ride.”

The commuter identified by his channel, Billion Godsun, added that the the unconscious passenger still had a medical wristband on him.

“At the top part of his head he had a hole, but he also had metal staples in his head, you know, look like he was fresh out the ,” Billion Godsun told an news channel.

The other commuters in the train were upset by the actions of the white man and wanted him to get his hands off the unconscious man. The unidentified white man coolly returned to his seat after removing the unconscious passenger from the train and discarding his belongings.

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The video showed that after his actions illicited negative responses, the man leaves his seat to check the unconscious passenger’s pulse. After failing to get a response, the man left.

Billion Godsun csaid, “don’t try and act like you give a f— now, you the one who dragged him out here.”

The unconscious man was eventually transported to the by paramedic where he is receiving further and is said to be in stable condition. The Long Beach Department has identified and contacted the white man after assisting medics.

A police spokesman said: “The Police Department received a copy of a video related to this incident yesterday afternoon. Detectives from the Violent Crimes Detail are reviewing the video and will be working with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office to determine if any criminal negligence occurred.”

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In a statement, Metro said that the man’s actions were “disturbing” and vowed to help in the .

“Metro is working with our enforcement partners in investigating an incident this week at the Metro Blue Line’s Willow Station when an unconscious male was removed from a Blue Line train by another rider.

“Obviously, this is very disturbing and we never want to see this on our system. We’re getting all the facts including reviewing the video from the train and the platform, and we’ll share more details when they’re available.”

Billion Godsun said users who saw his video have identified the white man, and promised to expose him soon.

Billion said that people who know the man have contacted him. He hopes to expose his actions. He said, “It was odd. Normally people would try to assist somebody in that situation. This person in the suit was just thinking of himself and disposed of him like his meant nothing.”

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