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Why Mahathir, Anwar or Muhyiddin can’t form a unity government

The current configuration in the Parliament does not allow for the formation of a unity government unless all parties agree to work with each other in the interest of the nation




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This article is the part 2 of the analysis on the various proposals for a new in Malaysia. Read the part 1 here: (Why Mahathir’s Idea Of A Unity Government Failed).

After analysing the position of bigger parties in the Parliament, we can see that the Parliament is in limbo.

Now let look at Mahathir’s party, which has only 4 MPs left. At this rate, he can barely maintain a descent party in Parliament.

The and the PAS are squabbling over the budget. They do not portray the qualities of a coalition that can win hearts in Parliament.

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Mahathir is back with his idea of a non-partisan government. is not working because no one seems ready to work with Mahathir as PM.

Not after the PH episode where he relinquished without consulting with his cabinet members or coalition partners.

This has tarnished Mahathir’s image repair, and his constant against Anwar are not making him look better.


For a unity government to work, the parties must agree that the largest parties will have a bigger say.

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This is how a democracy works. The bigger parties rule because they win big.

The DAP is the biggest party in Parliament with 42 MPs. The Umno and BN trail behind with 40 MPs. Keadilan come in third with 38 MPs. has 24 MPs.

This clearly shows will be impossible for to form a unity government. He does not have enough MPs to support him. The Umno and Keadilan are the best placed for a leading role in such a unity government.

For it to be a unity government, it will have to rope in the PAS, and the Sabah and based parties.

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The DAP will also have to be a party in a unity government, otherwise it can’t be one.

But will the people support such a unity government? On paper, it does not seem possible for Malaysia to either form a unity government or a party-less government.

Unless the grass root of all the parties put pressure on their leaders to work in the nation’s interest. Will they listen to the public?

There is no talk of a unity government in Malaysia or the concept of a unity government that is floating around is one without Anwar while they expect Keadilan to join.

Or it is one without the DAP while they may give some DAP members some posts.

The DAP and Mahathir might not agree altogether because Najib and Zahid will be part of such a government, albeit they might remain as backbenchers.

Najib is popular among a large segment of the population. Cutting him off a unity government will only divide the nation further.

The anti-Najib sentiment among the opposition supporters is still significant. As long as he does not see a jail cell, they will not agree that he is part of any government.

By the look of it, only an election will probably resolve the current political deadlock and the public is clamming for snap polls as soon as the country defeats the .

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