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Why Mahathir’s idea of a unity government failed

Mahathir launched the idea of a government bypassing party lines with MPs joining him but failed and now Umno is pushing for a 'grand coalition'. Will work?




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When PM in transit Dr Mahathir Mohamad suggested the formation of a of MPs without their party’s involvement, his idea got him booted out as PM candidate.

was Muhyiddin Yassin instead nipped the PM post in the bud, sending Mahathir to sit on the opposition bench for the first time in his political career.

But since then, Anwar Ibrahim took up his idea of a government without parties playing an influential role.

The opposition leader and leader of the Keadilan in September suggested the formation of a new government.

He said he had the help of MPs from all parties willing to join him in this new government.

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But the idea collapsed. Anwar is still the opposition leader and is still in the running for the post of PM.

The subject of a government where MPs from all parties are free to join in did not go down well with many people.

The Agong for example did not push this idea further after his meeting with Anwar. His main grudge was that Anwar failed to to him the list of MPs following him in Parliament.

This became a thorny issue for Anwar and for Umno altogether after the publication of letters sent to the Agong.

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They showed ex-PM Najib Razak and Umno leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi showing for Anwar. This tarnished Anwar’s image.

Nevertheless, another influential Umno leader, Annuar Musa, is now pushing for a grand coalition.

Annuar Musa is the Barisan Nasional secretary-general and is the Federal Territories minister.

His idea is facing rejection among MPs and political parties. Some parties are even suggesting, sarcastically, that Musa’s idea is to force ‘grand conditions’ on the parties interested.

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This how shaky the PN government is.


Proposals for a unity government is yet to float, perhaps because none of the parties believe they can work together.

When Anwar made his move to form a new government in September, most of the parties were against it.

The DAP, his coalition partner, was against working with Umno. Yet, to gain a majority in Parliament now, one must consider working with Umno or PAS or some grouping from Sabah and Sarawak.

Yet, may need a unity government. The is flaring up in with more and more cases reported.

The budget is barely making unity among the MPs, and they are forcing the government to rectify some principal elements in the budget.

If not, they risk not getting enough support to survive the vote on the budget.

The PN is not the most liked regime in the country. It is getting bashed just like the Barisan Nasional under Najib Razak before 2018.

The PN came to to fix the ‘mistakes’ made by the PH government, we were told. But these mistakes are amplifying, and no fix seems to exist for them.

Instead, the PN is struggling to govern and its half-cooked rules on the SOP for the are not helping.

No leader in Parliament seems to be able to garner sufficient support to form a stable government.

Not Anwar, not Mahathir, nor the Umno or Bersatu leaders. The Parliament is in a limbo where the number game is in a deadlock.

Imagine whatever configuration you want, there is no way the PH can get a majority now.

Many do not want to work with the DAP, for example. This limits the chances of the PH to form a government with other MPs or parties.

The PN has reached its maximum number of MPs, and no other MPs from the other side of the semi-cycle want to join them.

But what is cooking behind the scene has not led to a unity government or a government of convenience so far!

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