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Conservatives are speculating the stand off between the Biden administration and the state of Texas could have negative implications for the Democrats. Furthermore, they feel that the state of Texas is currently defending America from the illegal invasion. For the most part, conservatives are applauding Texas for “defying” Biden’s orders. 

However, an interesting development has happened according to The Hill. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) is urging President Biden to assume control of the Texas National Guard if the state opposes a Supreme Court decision permitting U.S. Border Patrol officers to dismantle border barriers. 

Accusing Gov. Greg Abbott of causing chaos, Castro insists on federal intervention. The months-long dispute between Abbott and the Biden administration revolves around border security measures. Despite the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling, Abbott plans to continue installing razor wire, emphasizing its efficacy as a deterrent. Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) echoes defiance, emphasizing the need to repel illegal immigration. 

The situation underscores the escalating tensions and the urgent call for comprehensive immigration reform.

Conservatives applauding Texas for defending America 

Conservative X page, Endwokeness states that this standoff could be the end of the Biden regime. Following that, they speculate that it’s either the Federal Government sending in their troops to bring down these fences or Texas will be the one showing them how to actually control a country’s border. 

X users state that the Biden administration could easily cancel out arguments from the Republicans simply by strengthening the border. However, from what we’re seeing, this is definitely not happening. Some fear that an escalation of the situation may happen and it might not end well. 

Others state that even cities like Chicago which are strong Democrat supporters are unhappy that they are affected by the illegals coming into their cities. Conservatives add that America wants border security. 

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