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Royal Showdown: William and Kate win Hollywood favors. Harry and Meghan face setback

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s once-thriving grip on the Hollywood industry appears to be slipping. Following their snub in the Emmy nominations, the couple’s empire is reportedly faltering, and insiders suggest that Prince William and Kate may be the ones behind their diminishing status.

According to Heat Magazine, the reluctance to be associated with Meghan and Harry stems from concerns about maintaining favorable relations with the United Kingdom’s future King and Queen. “Nobody wants to risk their standing in the UK by not being seen as team William and Kate,” the source revealed.

Celebrities and key players in the entertainment industry are taking note of the Sussexes’ declining popularity and are actively seeking collaborations with Prince William and Kate. Even King Charles is said to be backing the efforts to solidify American ties and influence, with the royal couple scheduled to make an appearance at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York in September.

Meghan Markle vs Kate

Meghan is reportedly unhappy with the situation, feeling frustrated by what she perceives as the “Saint Kate” act. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are aware of the Waleses’ plans for more trips to the United States, including Hollywood, where they are expected to receive a warm welcome on the red carpet.

The division between the two royal couples extends beyond Hollywood, with the future King and Queen gaining ground politically. First Lady Jill Biden’s meeting with Kate during her UK visit highlighted this contrast.

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On the other hand, Meghan and Harry faced disappointment when their teams’ request to use Air Force One for their trip back home for the Queen’s funeral was denied by the White House, fearing it could cause a “commotion” and strain relations with the palace.

As Meghan and Harry’s Hollywood influence wanes, their prospects are becoming increasingly uncertain. Not only were they overlooked for an Emmy nomination, but they also recently lost their Spotify partnership, with Meghan’s Archetypes podcast being terminated early. As of now, there are no known projects in the pipeline for the couple.

The future remains uncertain for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they struggle to maintain their footing in Hollywood amid a resurgent and politically influential Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The entertainment world watches closely as the royal rivalry continues to unfold, leaving the Hollywood empire of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hanging in the balance.

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