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Who Will Win The Race To Putrajaya

However, the Barisan Nasional says it is not in negotiations with the PN or with the GPS to form a government with the PN. This makes the race to putrajaya for Muhyiddin much tougher

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Both the PN and the PH are in a tight race to Putrajaya, but the PN appears to be more active in causing a ruckus on the internet about its chances of winning, whereas the PH and Anwar Ibrahim are silent after declaring a majority in the early hours of the morning, yesterday.

Since then, PN has been battling hard to win the race and prevent PH and Anwar from governing the country.

Thus far, PN has secured the support of the GPS and GRS, with the Sarawak coalition imposing some conditions on its joining Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in a new government in Putrajaya.

They were together in the government in 2020 after Muhyiddin took Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s party out of the Pakatan Harapan government to form a ‘backdoor’ government with frogs from the party of Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR.

Meanwhile, both the PN and GPS-GRS have been in government together with Umno’s Ismail Sabri Yaakob as Prime Minister since Muhyiddin lost support and had to resign as PM in August last year.

To form a new government the PN of Muhyiddin Yassin needs at least 112 seats and to get that number he needs backing from GPS-GRS and Barisan Nasional but he says he only have the backing of GPS and GRS so far, which means he only has 101 seats for the moment.

Hence, Malaysia is still on its toes waiting to see who will make it to the PM seat in Putrajaya.

Nevertheless, pressed by supporters and the media, Muhyiddin says he has the numbers to form the government and will reveal the names of the MPs supporting him as the PM.
However, the Barisan Nasional says it is not in negotiations with the PN or with the GPS to form a government with the PN.
This denial by Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi does not make things easier for Muhyiddin. If the BN does not give support to PN, they will probably be forced to form a minority government.
BN has 30 seats which will make it 131 if they join PN-GPS-GRS but BN is still holding internal discussions and did not make any declaration that is supports Muhyiddin as PM.
On the other hand, Anwar is not rushing to the media to inform them of any deals but last night he told some media outlets that things will become clear by today and he will go to meet the King of Malaysia to present his request to form a new government with him as Prime Minister.
Will Anwar or Muhyiddin make it to Putrajaya? The answer will be given today by 1 pm when the King will meet political leaders who are in the race to become PM.
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