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Woman butchered lover and cooked his remains in rice dish after he dumped her




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A woman in Morocco has been arrested and accused of killing her lover and his remains as part of a dish. The woman was apprehended after her lover’s tooth was found inside the blender she used to cook the dish, that she served to some workers.

The woman’s horrific came to light soon after the deceased’s brother reported him to the police in Al Ain, in the United Arab , last week. Suspicious, the brother went to visit the woman with whom the man had been in a relationship with for seven years.

When confronted, the woman initially denied the crime but then confessed to the killing and reportedly said that she murdered her lover in a moment of “insanity.” According to the local press, the woman was triggered after her dumped her and told her that he was planning to marry someone else.

The woman confirmed to the police that she wanted revenge after her lover ended their relationship. She revealed that she butchered his body and used a blender to mince his flesh before the remains as part of a traditional Gulf dish ‘machboos’ – a rice dish similar to ’s briyani.

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According to the local National AE publication, the arrested woman is set to appear in . Investigations are ongoing.

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