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Woman deliberately jumps in front of train during fight with boyfriend




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A 33-year-old woman named Wang has caused a stir online after she jumped onto the railway tracks as a train approached, during a with her .

Wang, pulled the reckless stunt at Nanjing Railway Station on 12 Nov, earned the ire of both the authorities and netizens when she revealed that she leaped onto the tracks to scare her boyfriend.

footage of the incident is going viral on Chinese website . In the , the woman can be seen running away from the train platform before launching herself onto the railway tracks.

Wang survived thanks to the quick efforts of kind passersby who pulled her off the tracks moments before the train arrived at the platform and thanks to the train engineer who stopped the Xuzhou-bound train once he saw the woman.

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Speaking to the authorities after the incident, Wang explained that she pulled the stunt to scare her boyfriend. Another video the woman telling an officer, “I did as a joke, I’m sorry,” before the officer responds sharply, “A joke? It’s not at all.”

Wang added that she regrets her actions: “Someone pulled me up right after I jumped. I turned back and saw the train passing by my feet. I was so scared and my mind went blank.”

While Wang was reportedly fined USD $30 for interrupting the train and causing public disorder under administrative and faces potential damage to her social credit score, she has also been heavily criticised for her “childish tantrum” online.

Weibo users advised Wang boyfriend to immediately break up with her and opined that Wang should have been detained for her actions:

“The boyfriend should break up. This is dead goods.”
“Why are you still pulling her?”
“If I her boyfriend, I will break up with her immediately. She’s sick.”
“This one should be detained.”
“She should be sent to for three to five years. Let’s see if she gets fun there.”
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