Woman lies to police that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by two black guys for a stupid reason no one saw coming

32-year-old Maria Gonzalez told the police at Fresno, California that she was kidnapped by two black men who forced their way into her vehicle and held at gunpoint.

Claiming that her abductors told her to drive west before possibly pistol-whipping her, Gonzalez recounted that she blacked out. Gonzalez further said that she woke up hours later in her backseat bruised, bound, gagged and robbed since $9000 cash she was carrying was stolen.

The police said that Gonzalez fled to a nearby home for help and went to the hospital, where she cried after claiming that she had been sexually assaulted.

The police, however, discovered that Gonzalez’ harrowing story was nothing but a story. The woman admitted that she made up the whole story after she was questioned for two hours over her statements that contradicted potential video evidence.

It turns out that Gonzalez made up the entire story to avoid paying $9000 to two subcontractors who drove vehicles for her trucking company. The whole story was concocted to explain that the $9000 had been stolen when she did not have the money in the first place.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer told reporters yesterday, “The truth is Maria Gonzalez made up this entire story for the purpose of letting someone know that $9,000 had been stolen from her — $9,000 she was supposed to pay to subcontractors. The reality is she didn’t have the $9,000 to pay the subcontractors, and that’s why she made up the entire story.”

Gonzalez has been released from police custody but is expected to be arrested soon for the misdemeanor of filing a false police report.