LifeWhy is this woman plotting to fake her death?

Why is this woman plotting to fake her death?

Why is this woman plotting to fake her death? Why does she want to start a new life? These are the questions being asked to Sharaban K, a German-Iraqi woman who has exerted much effort to find women who look like her so that she can kill them and the world will think that she is dead.

Police revealed that Sharaban K approached five different women, lured them to meet with her, then carefully selected a victim to kill.

Plotting her death

She scoured the internet, particularly Instagram to find women, then she found a potential victim that she has duped – Khadidja O. That is when she probably started plotting her death.

The 23-year-old was knifed 50 times and had her face defaced so severely that she could not be identified.

Sharaban and her accomplice dumped Khadidja’s body, hoping she would be mistaken for her and she could finally vanish.

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But the cops have unraveled the mystery before Sharaban can materialize her plan to the fullest.

The arrest

Sharaban and her friend Sheqir K, have both been arrested over the death of Khadidja.

The pair face life imprisonment if proven beyond reasonable doubt of the murder of Khadidja.

It is a case that completely shocked Germany, and was immediately dubbed the “The Doppelganger Murder.”

Police told The Sun Online that “She wanted to start a new life somewhere, we believe that this was somewhere abroad.”

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“An because of all this, she got very busy on social media and began looking for women that looked as similar as possible to her – so that she could kill them.

“From what we have been able to determine so far, we believe that it was all her plan and she had been planning the murder for several weeks.”

“After the investigation, it can be assumed that she wanted to go into hiding due to internal family disputes and faked her death,” said Veronika Grieser of the Ingolstadt state prosecutor’s office.

Another police spokesman told Bild: “The murder weapon has still not been found but the burden of proof is overwhelming.”

“At the moment, she is not saying anything to the police, which is her right,” the police authorities added.

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