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Woman stopped at KL library entrance because of visible “bra lines”

Female security guard and receptionist eventually allow her to enter in case she made a fuss




Kuala Lumpur — A Malaysian woman has taken to Twitter about being stopped at the entrance to a library here because her bra lines were visible.

Ms Syarifah Amin, the co-founder of advocacy group Malaysian Advocates for Gender Equality (MYAGE), tweeted that a female security guard and a receptionist had stopped her at the entrance.

They told her that her “bra lines” were visible and asked her to cover up as her attire was “eye-catching”, she said.

She was wearing a long-sleeved blouse and long pants.

“The receptionist then kept asking if I had a sweater to cover my bra lines. I mean what’s the point if I have a sweater and I’m gonna take them off anyway upstairs,” Ms Syarifah said.

“Anyways, I told the guard and the receptionist. I came here to study. I’m wearing long sleeves and long pants. I’m not going to wear a ‘sweater’ to cover my ‘bra lines’.

“I literally just want to study,” she wrote.

She added that, when she insisted, the staff eventually allowed her to enter as they were afraid that she would “make a fuss”.

Ms Syarifah also shared other photos of her outfits:

Here are some other angles of my clothing since some comments are still justifying its inappropriate. If you zoom hard enough… you can see the pimple on my chest. help me pop pls” pic.twitter.com/hu23r4mpWF

According to the Kuala Lumpur Library’s Facebook post on Friday  (Aug 14), its dress code is in place to “inculcate a civilised society based on politeness and decency”.

Besides revealing clothing, skirts above knee length, clothes with offensive slogans, singlets, shorts, slippers, pyjamas, hats and tights are also prohibited on its premises.




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