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Woman storms into kindergarten and slashes 14 children in sudden spree




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At least 14 were left with serious injuries after an armed assailant stormed the kindergarten the were in and mutilated the kindergartners – some of whom were as young as three years old.

The horror attack occurred after the children’s morning exercises this Friday around 9.30am at the Yudong Xinshiji Kindergarten in the Banan District of Chongqing, .

The young kindergartners were quickly evacuated to the . Multiple local news agencies have reported that many of the victims are in serious condition while one Chinese news outlet has claimed that two children have died from the attack. This claim has yet to be verified by the authorities.

The arrested the 39-year-old female assailant named Liu, was restrained by guards and staff at the kindergarten. Although the police have yet to establish a motive, the assailant reportedly explained to the police that she carried out the attack since she was mistreated by the Chinese .

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Distressing video footage covering the aftermath of the attack shows the bloodied young victims being led away from the gates as shocked adults gather about. One young boy can be seen with his cheek sliced open while a little girl’s face is covered in blood.

Another clip shows one of the victims, a young boy, crying as the doctors attend to him at the . The videos also show Liu being punched and kicked repeatedly as she is led away from the scene by the police.

Page Seven will not re-publish the videos here due to their distressing .

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