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Woman ties harasser to a tree and cuts his genitalia off for teasing her




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A woman in the Dombivali district near Mumbai, lured a man was harassing her to a deserted spot, tied him to a tree and cut off his genitals in order to “teach him a lesson,” according to the local .

Local newspaper, The Times Now, reports that the 30-year-old man used to harass the woman and continued teasing her despite her repeated “warnings” for him to stop disturbing her.

One day, the woman decided she had had enough and worked to exact revenge. Enlisting the help of two female , the woman lured the harasser to an isolated area near a railway line.

The three overpowered the man and brutally beat him up before tying him to a tree and chopping off his penis. The then fled the scene.

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Local residents stumbled upon the injured man quickly alerted the . The victim was rushed to the where his condition remains serious.

The three women who attacked him have all been arrested and are due to be charged in . Investigations are ongoing.

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