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Malaysian woman overwhelmed by demand for Indian traditional outfits for pets ahead of Deepavali

It all began with wanting to do something special for her furbabies for Deepavali and she became overwhelmed with traditional outfits for pets.

For Jessica Sharmini Perapaghran from Kuala Lumpur, her pet dogs Emily and Elvis are her “pillar of support” and she considers them to be part of her family.

From fancy birthday cakes to presents – whether it be a bone, or stuffed toys – they are always pampered with the best gifts and food by their loving owner.

This year, she wanted them to be in the limelight for the Festival of Lights.

So, she asked a tailor to sew a ‘sherwani’ (a long-sleeved outer coat) for Elvis and a ‘pattu pavadai’ (a traditional dress) for Emily.

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“Both of them are my world and I love them so much.

“My family always looked at them as two ‘kids’ living in our home,” she told Malay Mail.

“And I wanted both of them to get a taste of Deepavali as I couldn’t seem to find something as flamboyant as traditional Indian wear.

“So I managed to get tailors to stitch the ‘sherwani’ for Elvis and ‘pattu pavadai’ for Emily.”

While looking at her fur babies dressed in their cute outfits, an idea struck her that other dog owners would also be happy to see their pets in these vibrant outfits.

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She then spent a good amount of time researching materials, and designing the outfits that come in various sizes.

Traditional Pets Wear

But she never imagined that the clothes she designed would become a hit especially among her Indian and even her Chinese clients.

The outfits come in four styles and four different sizes – Marigold, Lotus, Rose and Peacock.

Custom-made clothes for dogs are also available, while cat owners can also purchase the mini Indian outfits that are in different sizes and price ranges.

“Initially, I was worried that the outfits wouldn’t prosper in the market as it’s something new. What if people would find it too intricate?

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“Getting the tailors was another issue. Would they be able to convey my ideas and designs into the saree material?”

Luckily for her as she was able to overcome the obstacles and her small business overcame the challenges by getting more tailors and promoting her Instagram page.

“Many were impressed with the designs of the outfits as it’s made from saree materials as I chose the kind of fabric that are of quality and ones that can be easily hand washed.

“Quality stitching is integral in these outfits coupled with specific thread colour to give an extra touch of vibrancy to the cute outfits.

“The colours like red and yellow ‘pattu pavadai’ can even be worn during the Chinese New Year festivities so maybe that’s why many bought them.”

The Kuala Lumpur woman was speechless when orders kept coming in and her business began thriving especially over the past few weeks.

She never thought that her new venture would pick up and soar in the market, and is grateful to all who have supported her.

“Who knows in the future I might expand my business to designing clothes for other festivities such as Chinese New Year?” she said.

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