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Woman wins big lottery jackpot after buying ticket at the end of an “unusually lucky day”




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A series of small, fortunate events prompted a Michigan woman to buy a lottery ticket – and land a -changing windfall.

A 60-year-old Jackson County woman declined to be named told Michigan Lottery officials that “an unusually lucky day” led her to unknowingly purchase the winning lottery ticket that won her the top $100,000 jackpot. She revealed:

“I don’t play the Lottery often, but I had been having an unusually lucky day. I went to the doctor and they told me I didn’t need new contacts which saved me some , then I helped my with yard work and we finished in half the time that was expected.

“When I left my ’s, I left my cellphone on my car trunk and realized when I got about five miles down the road. I backtracked, and found laying in the middle of the road unscathed. That’s when I decided I needed to buy a Lottery ticket.”

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The retired senior stopped at a station she had never been to and requested a Bonus Cashword ticket. Players have won more than $11 million playing this Lottery instant game that launched in December 2017 and offers players a chance to win between $3 and $100,000 with the purchase of each $3 scratchoff ticket.

The Michigan jackpot winner couldn’t believe that she won the top prize when she scratched the ticket that night: “When I scratched after dinner at my mom’s I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wrote down the 10 words I matched and went over them several times to make sure I wasn’t crazy.”

The retiree reveals that she plans to use the money to buy a new home for her husband and herself. She said: “Winning is awesome! We’ve worked so hard our whole lives, it feels like we finally got something we deserve.”

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