In a year dominated by the relentless march of technological innovation, 2023 has seen artificial intelligence (AI) ascend to the forefront of global discourse, making it ‘Word of the Year’ by Collins Dictionary.

Word of the Year

This rise in conversations about the potentially revolutionary impact, as well as apocalyptic concerns, has propelled AI to be chosen as “word of the year”, a testament to its soaring prominence in people’s daily lives.

According to the renowned publisher, the usage of the term “artificial intelligence” has experienced a staggering fourfold increase in 2023, surpassing even the most compelling contenders like “ultraprocessed” and “Ulez.”

The decisive recognition underscores the pivotal role AI has played in shaping this year’s societal conversations and technological advancements.

Significance of designation

Collins Dictionary’s managing director, Alex Beecroft, emphasized the significance of this designation, stating, “AI has undeniably been the focal point of 2023, captivating our collective imagination with its rapid evolution and seamless integration into our daily routines, akin to the omnipresence of email, streaming, and other once-futuristic technologies.”

When approached for commentary, ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, expressed, “The selection of AI as Collins Dictionary’s ‘word of the year’ resonates with the profound impact of artificial intelligence in our ever-evolving world. Our contemporary landscape is defined by innovation and transformation driven by the formidable force of algorithms and data.”

This announcement by Collins Dictionary comes at a crucial moment, coinciding with the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, hosting a global summit attended by 100 world leaders, tech industry magnates, esteemed academics, and pioneering AI researchers.

The summit’s primary objective is to deliberate on strategies to harness the full potential of this dynamic technology while mitigating associated risks, addressing the profound influence AI exerts on our rapidly changing world.

Three other “words of the year” contenders for 2023, according to Collins, were:

Bazball, an aggressive variant of cricket, derived its name from Brendon McCullum, the head coach of the English cricket team.

A canon event is a crucial occurrence in an individual’s life significantly shaping his character and identity.

A Nepo baby is an individual perceived as receiving advantages due to their famous parents.


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