Rumours that Chinese actor Li Yifeng has been arrested for soliciting prostitution are apparently not true. Yi Feng was conspicuously absent on September 2 for a big sponsorship event.

Fans were seen waiting in vain outside the venue and were surprised as he has rarely been absent for such events.

Later speculation that he had been arrested grew as he had apparently been involved with prostitutes. However, Yifeng later appeared on a live stream clarifying things.

“Because of certain requirements during the pandemic, we’re not allowed to attend in-person events. I’m currently in Beijing and I’m very sorry-especially since I know some fans were waiting a long time.”

He also called upon fans not to send him any virtual gifts but did not clarify prostitution rumours.

Die-hard fans were relieved to hear from him and many later said they didn’t believe the rumours at all as YiFeng has been linked to a number of stars in the past including Zhao Liying, Li Qian, Tiffany Tang, Li Fei’er and Xu Li. He was also rumoured to be the third wheel in Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s marriage. With so many link-ups and girlfriends, fans said that he couldn’t possibly be soliciting sexual services.

The rumour was also in part fueled by pianist Li Yundi’s arrest last year on charges of soliciting prostitutes.

At 35, Yifeng is still in demand as an actor and is often compared to younger actors such as Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhao.

Yifeng started his career as a singer but went on to acting gaining fame and popularity for his role in television dramas such as Swords of Legends (2014), The Lost Tomb (2015), Noble Aspirations (2016) and Sparrow (2016). He also won the Hundred Flowers award for best supporting actor in the film Mr Six in 2015.

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