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Young and beautiful vlogger turns out to be a 58-year-old aunty

The vlogger was caught out when her beauty filter malfunctioned during her livestream to the shock of her fans




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You can never believe in everything you see online anymore since there are ways to Photoshop images or alter videos.

Recently a ‘young’ and ‘beautiful’ Chinese got exposed to be a 58-year-old woman when her beauty filter malfunctioned during her livestream to the shock of her fans.

According to BBC, the vlogger is known as ‘Your Highness Qiao Biluo’ used Chinese livestreaming platfrom called Douyu.

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The Global Times reported that her fans urged her to remove the filter and reveal her true face.

However, Qiao Biluo apparently replied: “I can’t show my face until I receive gifts worth 100,000 yuan (RM60,000). After all, I’m a good-looking host.”

Qiao had fans give her donations up to 100,000 yuan (SGD20,000) and she was known for her “sweet, healing” voice and is often called a “cute goddess.”

The glitch happened on 25 Jul and Qiao Biluo who originally had more than 100,000 subscribers lost many of them.

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Upon seeing her true identity, her fans also reportedly withdrew their donations.

Qiao Biluo did not realise that the filter stopped working until people in her VIP access room began to exit all at once.

She has since removed the account but not before someone recorded the whole incident and posted in online.

The vlogger was in a joint livestream with another vlogger named Qingzi when she was accidently exposed.

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BBC reported that several people praised Qingzi for not showing any reaction when the glitch happened.

To her defence, a number of sympathetic people said that Qiao’s popularity came from her voice so she should not be judged by her looks.

However, some others were angry because they felt she had “conned” people of their money. -/TISG

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