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Expressing frustration with Trump, Biden, and Nikki Haley, 17-year-old Poirier-McClain, stood outside Oyster River High School to voice his disagreement with their positions and criticized them for being mere alternatives to each other. He is calling for voters to reject the current political landscape.

Young voters in NH

While he anticipates casting his vote for President Joe Biden in November, his sentiments mirror the weariness felt by many young voters during the recent primary day.

Luke Famularo, a 19-year-old student at the University of New Hampshire, initially supported businessman Vivek Ramaswamy but shifted allegiance to former President Donald Trump. Famularo explained that Ramaswamy resonated more with young voters.

Camden MacLean, 19, initially favored South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott but, with Scott out of the race, plans to vote for former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. Patrick Schroeck, 19, supports Haley expressing a desire to see a woman president.

Third-Party candidates

Some students from the University of New Hampshire, Taylor Mandile, Fisk Stewart, and Hannah Delong, were relieved to have their voices heard in the primary. Stewart, 19, switched party affiliation to undeclared, voting for American author Marianne Williamson due to her healthcare policies and forward-thinking approach. Delong, 22, plans to vote for environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., emphasizing the importance of voting based on merit rather than party lines.

Adam Pescosolidi, a student at Great Bay Community College, will cast his vote for Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn, citing concerns about Biden’s age. Pescosolidi reflects a sentiment shared by voters who question the ability of the older generation to effectively lead the country.

Amidst this diverse array of opinions, Jacob Baldy, 24, takes a unique approach, writing in Biden’s name in the primary to avoid the perceived risks associated with both Trump and Kennedy. While expressing dissatisfaction with the choices, Baldy prioritizes a leader who is “somewhat sane and competent.”

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