Joe Biden

It seems that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, is being mocked by youngsters for Halloween. A viral video shows that either a teen or young adult is wearing a costume mimicking the President. Furthermore, he added a touch where the President is constantly falling down. 

However, there are other reports on Joe Biden acting peculiarly during Halloween. According to the Daily Mail, During the annual White House Halloween party, President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden embraced the festivities with a warm welcome for young guests. The Commander-in-Chief donned a non-spooky look, wearing a ball cap and suit, while the First Lady transformed into Willow, the ‘first cat,’ complete with feline ears and furry cuffs on her grey dress. 

The couple greeted a parade of young trick-or-treaters, with President Biden planting a kiss on a young boy’s cheek and handing out candy. The event also featured a ‘Hallo-READ!’ hosted by Jill Biden, celebrating famous literary characters, including Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. About 8,000 guests, including local students and military-connected children, enjoyed the spook-tacular event, despite spooky skies and chilly weather.

Youngster dressed as President Biden 

Apparently a group of youngsters decided to make a parody of their President. One of them was wearing a mask that resembles Joe Biden and his groupies were dressed as secret service agents. They pretended to be concerned for the “President’s” wellbeing as he pretended to fall down, parodying the previous incidents that happened in real life


Furthermore, conservatives are having a field day with the whole situation. Others are showing children wearing a version of the Joe Biden costume. One of them is rather peculiar and inappropriate. This specific costume on the post’s replies shows a girl having a Biden costume trying to hug her. 

For the most part, X users are in awe of the youngster’s demeanour. They feel like this is one of the more accurate representations of their President, from the walking patterns and the falling down. Regardless, it shows that the President is somewhat unpopular among the youth in America. 

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