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Youngster Party In Malaysia Blasted On Social Media For pro-Muhyiddin stance




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The Parti Muda or Youngster Party in Malaysia is feeling the pressure on networks yesterday with the #muda hashtag trending on .

The hashtag has 128 thousand tweets this morning, making the most trending hashtag in Malaysia. beats the #muhyiddinout (33k tweets) hashtag that has been trending since yesterday.

For the leader of the Muda, former Minister in the Cabinet of Tun Mohamad, it has to be a revelation.

Members of the party are defending the leader’s call for a pause in politicking in Malaysia. They say, “Asking to pause ni bukanlah perkara yang popular, I admit. Tapi it is the right thing to do. I joined this party to do right things not popular things.”

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In full English, the member is saying the party’s call for a pause in Malaysian politics is not a popular stance, but it is the right thing to do.

Nevertheless, a majority of netizens on Twitter are against the idea of a ‘pause’, blasting the leader of the party and the party in the process.

They say the party is suddenly pro- and perhaps it is under the grip of Dr and is passing down his message.

Some are saying it is one of the latest attempt to block Anwar from becoming Minister. The pro-opposition on Twitter are serious about their idea of a cynical Mahathir puppeteering Syed Sadiqq to campaign against Anwar.

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In the original message, Syed says, “Cukup cukup lah bergaduh! Sambil ada yang berebut takhta kuasa, rakyat terus menderita dan sengsara. ENOUGH! Fokus jaga rakyat! #PauseMalaysia”

The hashtag #PauseMalaysia has some 16,000 tweets. Syed is saying “Enough of squabbling! While some are vying for , the people continue to suffer and suffer. Focus on taking care of the people.”

The opposition supporters translated it into a jibe at Anwar last month said he has the majority in Parliament thus the Muhyiddin has fallen.

Supporters of Keadilan, the party of Anwar, ganged up to attack Syed and the party Muda telling them off.

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The account on Twitter is saying asking Syed Sadiqq whether this is the agenda of the Parti Muda, that is when the Keadilan is asking for the return of the power invested to it by the people, is it that its leaders are crazy for power?

Upon the launch of the party, Twitter and Facebook were full of jokes for Syed Sadiqq. Netizens toyed with the name of the party.

Instead of MUDA, they wrote MADU on Twitter, saying after a party, Malaysia now needs a party for married people or others said there is a need for a party for divorcees.

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