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You’ve been washing your hair the wrong way

Did you know that the way you wash your hair might have been wrong all the while?




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Bleaching and dyeing your can cause to be dry and damaged.

Did you know that the way you wash your hair might have been wrong all the while?

Most of first but the truth is we should apply conditioner first, from the midsection of the hair to the ends.

Apply shampoo while the conditioner is still left on the hair.

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If you Google this method online, you will find that this method actually exists!

It is called the ‘reverse hair washing’ hack.

The difference is it suggests washing off the first layer of conditioner before shampooing.

Although it is weird to pre-condition the hair the shampoo lathers on easily with the existing layer of conditioner and you can work the wet strands without getting your fingers stuck in the tangles.

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Another tip is that you should not scrub your scalp with fingernails.

Experts say it will irritate the scalp and cause it to produce more oil.

For those have oily scalp you should not lather from the crown and do not use hot as it opens up the pores.

Instead, use the pads of your fingertips and work from the sides towards the middle, then upwards to the crown and all the way to the bottom.

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Give your hair a good lather and a few minutes of scalp massage before you rinse thoroughly.

Use a clarifying shampoo on your scalp and regular shampoo for the midsection and ends.

For those have dyed their hair, skip the second round of conditioning and use a hair mask for maximum hydration.

You can also apply the conditioner again for about three minutes so that your hair absorbs all the nutrients it can.

Although it is time-consuming it is worth the trouble if you want soft and voluminous hair.

Give this method a shot and tell what you think!








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