Home Entertainment Arts Zhang Ziyi's daughter has a crush on Wang Leehom

Zhang Ziyi’s daughter has a crush on Wang Leehom

Xing Xing, Zhang Ziyi's daughter was focused on Wang Leehom despite all the many activities that were organised for her on Children's Day in .




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At the age of 5, most young girls are still playing with toys and listening to nursery rhymes. Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi’s five-year-old daughter however, is not like most five-year-olds. shared on Weibo, a Chinese site, about her daughter’s crush on the multi-talented artiste, .

was celebrating Children’s Day on Monday (Jun 1). Xing Xing, Zhang Ziyi’s daughter was focused on Wang Leehom despite all the many activities that were organised for her. Xing Xing was photographed with a photo of a shirtless Wang Leehom on her back.

Zhang Ziyi’s daughter Xing Xing has a crush on Wang Leehom. Picture:

Zhang Ziyi took to Weibo to post the photo and captioned , saying that she and her husband planned all types of activities for Xing Xing for Children’s Day but that the little girl added that the photo of Wang Leehom was the best gift for her. The 41-year-old mother joked that they wanted to ‘vomit blood’ and she asked if netizens understood how she felt. Zhang Ziyi ended the caption with crying facepalm emojis and hashtag #ThePowerOfAnIdol.

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Zhang Ziyi’s husband Wang Feng commented on the post saying that as Xing Xing’s father, he did not know whether to laugh or cry. Leehom then responded light-heartedly, “Sorry, my bad. (Quickly kneels down to wipe the blood.)” Leehom continued on, addressing Xing Xing and telling her that he saw the cute and heartwarming photos her parents shared of her Children’s Day celebration. He said that her parents love is the most precious gift and that it is a blessing.

Fans were delighted at Xing Xing’s taste in men with a commentator saying that she has a thing for hunky guys. Another one commented, asking if there is anyone is not a fan of Leehom.

Wang Leehom was born 17 May 1976 and he is a Chinese-American singer-songwriter, actor, producer and film director. He studied at Eastman School of , Williams College and Berlee College of . Leehom’s style is a combination of hip-hop and R&B with traditional Chinese , Beijing opera, Kunqu, Chinese orchestra and tribal from Tibet, Yunan and Mongolia.

Leehom has released 25 albums and sold over 60 million copies since his 1995 debut. He is a four-time winner and 19-time nominee of the Golden Melody Awards. /TISG

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