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Zoe Tay says she has ‘amnesia’ in a message celebrating son’s birthday




actress said that she has ‘amnesia’ in a message to her second son on his birthday, saying that is an illness every mother has.

Her second son, Ashton Chionh turned 13 on Wednesday (September 23, ) but it seems just like yesterday when 8days.sg photographed Zoey when she was pregnant with Ashton for an 8 Days magazine cover shoot in 2007. To celebrate Ashton officially becoming a teenager, the 52-year-old actress wrote a heartfelt message to him on as well as uploaded various photos and videos of Ashton snowboarding in .

Zoe Tay is a mother of three. Picture: Instagram

Zoe also spoke about her emotional journey as a mother in the caption.

“I think mothers all have one illness — amnesia.

[When we’re pregnant,] our tempers become difficult to control.
Our appetites become inexplicable,
And our body gets out of shape fast.

When I finally gave birth to that ‘ball’, after going through a painful process.
The moment I saw you with all four limbs intact, I heaved a sigh of relief in my mind,” Zoe wrote.

She then added,

“However, the nightmare had only just begun.
My spirit and my soul was topsy turvy and I had many sleepless nights,
And being in a trance followed me closely
I lost my bearings and my restraint.
My body had changed drastically.
When we went out, we had to bring along lots of bags.
We stopped dressing up.
What happened to us?
Feeding milk, changing diapers, showering, I did it all.
It was hard work because we just want you to be healthy,” she continued.

“When you grew up, you started talking back to us.
You’d go to bed late and fall sick.
I was so tired I couldn’t even fall sick,
And so sad I couldn’t cry.
I was so angry I was speechless.
I felt so terrible and wronged, so how come I can forget it so quickly?
Looks like I’m really sick.

, thanks for teaching me to be more patient.
, thanks for allowing me to reflect on myself again.
Baby, thanks for teaching me how to be grateful and give back.
Baby, thank you for being my son.”

The actress concluded her message with “You’re 13, Happy Birthday”, adding that she had specially cooked longevity noodles in the morning for her second son. Zoe is married to air force pilot Philip Chionh and has two other sons, Brayden, 15 and Nathan, nine. Netizens also sent their birthday wishes to Ashon and Zoe’s fellow celebrity such as Jacelyn Tay and Dannis Chew also wished the boy a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Ashton! Awww… I miss Hokkaido!” Jacelyn wrote, while Dennis said: “Happy birthday, prince Ashton!”/TISG



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