A gunman opened fire on a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia as police said there are “multiple fatalities”. A police spokesperson says officers are still combing the site of the shooting but believe a single perpetrator is now dead. Asked how many victims were involved, a police spokesperson said there were multiple people wounded and “less than 10 dead” as of a short while ago.

Here are top updates on the shooting in Walmart in Virginia:

1. More than 40 emergency vehicles rushed to the scene on Battlefield Boulevard after a 911 call was made shortly after 10.10 pm local time on Tuesday.

2. Police said there were multiple people wounded and “less than 10 dead”.

3. Louise Lucas, a Virginia senator, said the Walmart that was attacked fell within her constituency, and that she was “heartbroken”. “I am absolutely heartbroken that America’s latest mass shooting took place in a Walmart in my district in Chesapeake, Virginia tonight,” she wrote on Twitter.

4. At least five injured people from the Walmart store were rushed to the Norfolk General Hospital for treatment, Sky News reported.

5. Mark Warner, a senator from Virginia, said he was “sickened” by the reports of “yet another mass shooting”. “Sickened by reports of yet another mass shooting, this time at a Walmart in Chesapeake,” Mark Warner said in a tweet.

“The people have spoken, Trump will be reinstated on Twitter,” Musk tweeted but Trump said after being reinstated, “Truth Social is doing very well. I’ll be staying there.” It’s very clear, Trump is not going back to Twitter.

The former President was banned from the Twitter site for over 22 months — since a pro-Trump mob attacked the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, as Congress was to certify President Biden’s election victory.

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Trump is not going back to Twitter