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4 great Korean dramas to binge on after Why Her

If you just can’t get enough of legal dramas, follow our lead and find out what are the best

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Korean drama Why Her has left many fans of courtroom dramas craving for more.

If you just can’t get enough of legal dramas, here are four highly recommended shows that are going to satisfy the legal eagle in you.

  1. A New Leaf

This unassuming legal drama starts Kim Myung Min and tells the tale of Kim Seok Joo who is a big time corporate lawyer, cold and calculating, he wins most of his cases in a ruthless manner. One day he gets into an accident and suffers from amnesia and then finds life has to start over from scratch. However this new personality is the opposite of what he used to be and it does not sit well with his employers at all.

  1. Law School

This one is another classic where the hero goes from an amnesiac lawyer to  murder suspect in this heart-stopping legal mystery where we also get to see the inner machinations of a prestigious law school.

The students at Han Gook University Law School are well-heeled and well-connected. The story revolves around the brilliant Yang Jong Hoon played by Kim Myung Min who is implicated in the murder of the director of the school in the middle of a student mock trial. Each student is busy vying for their professors and would be employers attention as they come to watch the trial. Each one of these students also has a secret that anyone might kill for.

  1. I Hear Your Voice

This one has Lee Jong Suk playing the role of Park Soo Ha, a high school senior who is mature much beyond his peers. Soon Ha has an unusual talent, he can read minds, a talent he gained when he witnessed his father’s murder 10 years ago. The murderer Min Joong Kok was caught and sent to jail.

As years pass Min Joong Kook’s release date nears and Soo Ha continues to search for his friend Hye Seong. Hye Seong however is now a public defender and regrets testifying against Min Joong Kook as she went through hell and becomes a target. Soo Ha vows to protect her but Min Joong Kok is hell bent on vengeance.

  1. Defendant

This series has Lee Bo Young acting with her husband Ji Sung. Defendant won the Dapsang award for the 2017 SBS Drama Awards. The story revolves around Park Jung Woo who is a top notch prosecutor by day and has a loving family to boot. His world crashes around him when he tries to take down a vicious criminal, Cha Min Ho played by Uhm Ki Joon.

One day Jung Woo awakens in jail with no memory of how he got there and is accused of killing his wife and daughter. His daughter’s body however is missing. He now somehow or other has to figure out a way to exonerate himself.

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