Supporters of former President Donald Trump boldly proclaimed at a recent rally in New Hampshire that he is destined for re-election, with one asserting, “He’s anointed by God.”


Tara Alves and Dorina Marisola Moriarty firmly believe Trump need not engage in GOP presidential primary debates. According to them, divine forces have already decided his victory.

Although not a regular churchgoer, Trump has garnered a following among white evangelicals. Christian ethics professor, David Gushee, notes that a huge segment of Trump’s religious base sees him as a transcendent figure specially sent to be the savior for Christian America.


Trump openly embraces the idea of being anointed by God. His recent social media posts, including an image of him praying, and a video titled “God Made Trump,” emphasize this divine connection.

In pursuit of evangelical voters, he strategically plays the role of a persecuted figure, aligning himself with the narrative of defending Christians against perceived attacks by elites and the government.

Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, a professor of Political Science, suggests that Trump’s use of language invoking persecution effectively mobilizes his base and serves as a compelling call to action.

Faced with federal indictment, Trump framed it as an attack on his supporters, stating, “They’re not coming after me. They’re coming after you, and I’m just standing in their way.”

This approach resonates with voters like Bethany Mambume, who draws parallels to Jesus sacrificing for believers.

Political gain

Trump’s outreach efforts include emphasizing his defense of people of faith and support for policies centered on families.

With endorsements from numerous faith leaders and a track record on issues important to evangelicals, Trump aims to solidify his connection with this influential voting bloc.

As the 2024 elections loom, Trump’s unique ability to weave a narrative of divine appointment sets him apart from other politicians attempting to tap into religious sentiments for electoral gains.

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