Ariana Grande became emotional as she discussed her experience with Botox and her decision to stop using it. The pop singer, known for her role as Glinda the Good Witch in the upcoming film adaptation of the Broadway musical Wicked, openly shared her journey in a Vogue Beauty Secrets video posted on September 12.

She explained that, as someone deeply involved in the beauty industry and having used cosmetic procedures like lip fillers and Botox in the past, she had decided to stop using them in 2018 because she felt it was becoming excessive and that she was concealing her true self.

Photo: Instagram/Ariana Grande

Influenced by early exposure

Grande, who is also the founder of R.E.M. Beauty, confessed that she used makeup and elaborate hairstyles as a way to hide and mask herself over the years. She revealed that her approach to beauty was influenced by her early exposure to public scrutiny and criticism, particularly about her appearance, as she began her career at a young age.

Grande’s viewpoint on cosmetics changed as her self-confidence increased. She now views makeup as a form of self-expression and enhancing one’s natural features rather than a disguise. She emphasized the personal nature of our relationships with beauty and the desire to feel our best and be loved.

Doesn’t judge others who use Botox

While Grande hasn’t ruled out the possibility of undergoing invasive cosmetic procedures in the future, she stressed that she doesn’t judge those who choose to use Botox and fillers. She expressed her desire for open conversations on such topics and mentioned the possibility of considering a facelift in the future, emphasizing the importance of discussing these matters openly.

Grande also shared excerpts from the video on Instagram, acknowledging her nervousness but thanking Vogue for allowing her to be candid about her personal experiences and emotions.

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