InternationalAxe and fractures come after sensual kiss

Axe and fractures come after sensual kiss

Who would ever think that a bloody butchering blitz with an axe would follow after an impassioned, sensual kiss?

Former model Alex Alam didn’t. But it was exactly what happened after the former boss of the Dreamboys strippers and ex-boxer David Richards attempted to kill her with an axe when he saw her kissing Towie’s Kirk Norcross.

Bleeding and gory, Alex immediately used her FaceTime app on her iPad and told him: “I am dying — he has killed me, he has done me.”

The former model and mother of two kids suffered three skull fractures and needed 100 stitches. She begged: “Please get my kids. He is going to finish us off.”

Kirk, who kissed Alex on her doorstep earlier, sprinted back and found her children, aged 7 and 3, terrified and crying in the hallway.

The 9-year anguish

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Alex and David were together for nine years before Alex threw him out.

According to the Chelmsford crown court, she had been suffering many years of abuse and repetitively reported him to the police for supposed bullying and aggressive behavior. She finally made an assault claim and was granted a non-molestation order.

David was forced to live in a hotel.

The axe and a fractured skull

The day after being cross-examined over the alleged battering, he waited outside the house for five hours.

David saw 34-year-old Kirk leave his ex’s house, amorously kissing her as they said goodbye.

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As she went outside to see her dogs, he smashed her repeatedly over the head with an axe.

Richards was shouting: “Kirk Norcross? Kirk Norcross — in my house?”

“I think he hit me twice, but I didn’t go down and he hit me again. I said, ‘David, don’t.’” Alex recalled the moment Richards “stormed” up to her with the axe. According to the statement Alex gave, Richards also tried to strangle her.

Ms. Alam screamed as Richards tried to strangle her.

Was this a crime of passion? Undoubtedly.

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According to the court handling their issue, David bought a Magnusson axe, cable ties, and gloves in B&Q Basildon, then went back to the store days later and bought the same items again. He also bought a mask and a black boiler suit.

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