Business & EconomyBank depositor talks to the robber, stops a bank robbery

Bank depositor talks to the robber, stops a bank robbery

Compassion and soft-spoken words still work and this is what a robber at a bank robbery attempt found out.

Michael Armus Sr., 69, from California foiled a bank heist, all because he remained calm and chose to talk to a potential criminal instead of shrinking from fear.

Armus was standing in a teller queue at the Bank of the West in Woodland when he noticed a former neighbor, Eduardo Plasencia, 43 years old, trying to rob the bank while holding a gun.

Robber Sees Compassion

Armus stepped in and prompted Plasencia not to steal from the bank, the Woodland Police Department said in a statement on Facebook.

As soon as Plasencia came to hi senses, the police arrested him outside the bank. He was charged with attempted robbery.

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“His words of wisdom worked and Plasencia changed his mind and left the bank,” police said.

Armus recounted his interaction with Plasencia, expressing that Plasencia felt there was nothing for him in the town and desired to go to prison.

In response, Armus suggested for the robber to step outside, and as they stood beyond the bank doors, they shared an embrace.

Armus’s compassionate act transformed what could have been a tense and potentially life-threatening situation into a heartfelt “reunion” of sorts. Plasencia was moved to tears, and the police acknowledged Armus.

Staying calm

According to Sgt. James Bracke of the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force in Phoenix, in the majority of bank robberies, the perpetrators are primarily interested in getting the bank’s money and do not intend to harm other people.

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Sgt. Bracke states that these robbers aim to minimize the duration of the incident and avoid any escalation. Therefore, by remaining calm and avoiding impulsive actions, it is likely that you will not attract the attention of a robber, increasing your chances of safely navigating through a holdup without harm.

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