Currently, Steve Bannon has an added problem to his piling legal troubles — a lawsuit claiming that he has reneged on his financial obligations with his former lawyers worth almost $500,000.

Steve, a conservative strategist and longtime supporter and friend of former President Donald Trump, was sued for breach of contract last week by a Manhattan law firm that defended him in several recent high-profile legal battles.

The firm, Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP, represented Bannon from 2020 to 2022 in criminal cases stemming from his refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena and from accusations that he conned donors who gave money to build a wall on the southern U.S. border.

The firm said it also aided Bannon in obtaining a presidential pardon just before Trump left office in 2021.

Davidoff Hutcher & Citron said in its lawsuit that Bannon racked up a bill totaling more than $855,000 but that he has only paid $375,000, in violation of his retainer agreement.

Bannon And Trump

In August 2016, Bannon became the executive director of Trump’s then-vacillating campaign. He was attributed with bringing discipline into the campaign and working for a stronger focus on the campaign’s messaging.

After Trump astounded political experts and researchers by overpowering his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, he named Bannon senior counselor and chief White House strategist.

Steve’s appointment was applauded by Trump’s extreme-right followers but condemned by many on the left and by some establishment Republicans, who articulated reservations about the influence of the far-right frontier entering the White House.

In the second week of Trump’s presidency, Bannon was raised to regular membership on the “principals committee” of the National Security Council, a nomination that brought disapproval from many corners not only because of his presence as a political strategist in security meetings but also because the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the director of national intelligence were no longer included as regular members of the committee.

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