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Barbie highest grossing movie in 2023

It’s official! Barbie is the highest grossing movie at the domestic box office. It ousted Super Mario Bros which was formerly holding the crown for the highest grossing movie.

It is estimated that Barbie made $575.4 million at the American box office as of August 24. Super Mario Bros comes in a close second at $574.2 million. Barbie reached this number a lot faster than Super Mario Bros did to rise to the top though taking a mere 34 days to skyrocket to the top.

The movie which premiered on July 21 made $155 million domestically on opening weekend. It was also Warner Bros highest grossing domestic release beating The Dark Knight in 2008.

Last week Barbie crossed the $1.2 billion mark globally after hitting the one billion milestone less than 3 weeks ago. Its director Greta Gerwig also became the highest grossing female movie director in history.

Last weekend Blue Beetle finally unseated Barbie grossing an estimated $25.4 million. Incidentally Blue Beetle is also the first live action super hero movie to feature a Latino lead. The film features a lesser known DC super hero and stars Xolo Mariduena who plays Jaime Reyes.

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In the movie Reyes returns home after college with huge expectations for his future but his home is not quite the same as when he left it. He unexpectedly discovers an ancient relic of alien biotechnology in the form of the Scarab.

“With this movie, really what we wanted to highlight was Jaime’s story and the Reyes family’s story. But my heart is already so fulfilled with this movie. If we do 20 of these movies and 40 cameos or if it’s just this one, what’s most exciting to me is the opportunity for people to see it and have little kids everywhere saying, ‘Oh my gosh, this guy looks like me. I can be here too’”, said Mariduena.

Oppenheimer is currently in third place in the movie stakes department with $10.6 million bringing its domestic total to $285.2 million.

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