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Barbie Hsu: Courts to Decide on Alimony

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This is a classic story of the ex-husband’s lack of diligence to follow court orders and it happens in many countries nowadays, however Taiwanese actress from the Meteor Garden, Barbie Hsu is taking her former husband Wang Xiao Fei to court after he failed to provide spousal maintenance as per their divorce agreement, as reported by Sin Chew Daily.

Hsu, 46 successfully applied to the Taipei District Court to seize his Taiwanese assets, including his shares in the popular S Hotel.

Barbie Hsu
Barbie Hsu: Courts to Decide on Alimony

According to Barbie Hsu, Wang failed to pay an accumulated amount of more than TW$5mil since March 2022.

The court ruled that part of Wang’s assets in Taiwan could be seized due to the clear evidence submitted, as reported by Mirror Media.

Barbie Hsu was born on October 6, 1976 in Taiwan. She is an actress, known for Connected (2008), Croczilla (2012) and Meteor Garden (2001). She was married to Xiaofei Wang. They have two children.

Wang Xiao Fei, a Chinese businessman and the ex-husband of Barbie Hsu, threatened to sue a paparazzi for spreading false information about him, but a seasoned Taiwanese paparazzi instead exposed his infidelity.

It all began on Monday, May 30, when photographer Ge Siqi posted two images of a drunk Xiao Fei, 40, allegedly dating 26-year-old Chinese actress Zhang Yingying. Ge Siqi claimed the images were taken when Xiaofei was still married.

Wang Xiao Fei recently vented on Weibo after hearing that his ex-wife Barbie Hsu was going to sue him in court for breaking the terms of their divorce.

The posts started earlier this week when Wang claimed that he had completed his duties and met his moral obligations and that he would no longer “pay for their electric bills.”

In a different post, he shared screenshots with expense information and claimed that they represented the actual costs he had incurred for the family’s Taiwanese home and children over the previous year.

“But as a man, after the two of them got married, why do I have to pay the electric bills for this family? I pay the driver and the maid, and I do not owe the children’s tuition and living costs. We also have joint custody, so they don’t have the right to stop me from seeing the children,” he wrote on his refusal to pay Barbie Hsu the alimony.

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