Nicole Eggert, known from “Baywatch,” announced she has stage 2 breast cancer, initially mistaking symptoms for menopause. After discovering a lump, delays in specialist appointments led to a late November diagnosis. The cancer’s spread isn’t confirmed yet.

Facing surgery, she awaits treatment guidance from her oncologist. The urgency to remove the lump stems from its growth. Despite the rough journey, she remains optimistic, finding strength in inspirational quotes.

Photo: Instagram/Nicole Eggert

Being a single mother, her biggest fear is not being there for her daughters, especially her 12-year-old. Her determination to fight amplified when she saw her child’s reaction to the news.

Eggers holding on

Eggert, known for her role in “Charles in Charge,” worries about the impact on her daily life, trying not to let this situation overwhelm her.

She mentioned her routine mammograms and expressed regret about past breast implants, related to pressures while filming “Baywatch.”

Financially burdened by upcoming medical costs, a friend set up a GoFundMe page, highlighting Eggert’s resilience but acknowledging the strain this battle brings. The plea is for support in covering medical bills and ensuring stability for Eggert’s family during this trying period.

In other news, back in June last year,  Nicole Eggert appeared noticeably different from her “Baywatch” days when she was recently seen in Los Angeles, marking her first public appearance in 18 months.

Casual outfit

The 51-year-old was spotted handling household chores, seemingly organizing her garage alongside one of her daughters.Sporting a relaxed attire, she wore an oversized brown T-shirt paired with light grey sweatpants, opting for white trainers to aid in moving boxes. Her accessories included a gold watch, a matching bracelet, and a delicate necklace.

Known for her role as Summer Quinn in seasons three and four of “Baywatch,” Eggert chose to step away from her Hollywood career. Encountering financial difficulties some years ago, she reportedly faced significant debts, leading to her filing for bankruptcy. However, Eggert made a comeback, notably announcing her new profession as an ice cream truck driver in 2014.

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