Business & EconomyBBC considers banning TikTok

BBC considers banning TikTok

The BBC is in the midst of deciding whether or not to ban Chinese social media app TikTok. It has told its staff to delete the app from their work phones unless they are using it for editorial or marketing according to a Deadline report.

This decision was in the wake of the UK government prohibiting the use of TikTok on the phones of ministers and civil servants.

TikTok said it was disappointed by the BBC’s decision saying that there was a “fundamental misconception about the app’s security risk”.

“We don’t recommend installing TikTok on a BBC corporate device unless there is a justified business reason. Will the BBC ban the use of TikTok on corporate devices, or my personal device that I use for BBC work purposes?

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“We are currently reviewing the TikTok concerns and will provide further updates based on the government and National Cyber Security Centre guidelines,” said the BBC.

Another BBC representative told the Guardian newspaper, “The BBC takes the safety and security of our systems, data and people incredibly seriously. We constantly review activity on third-party platforms- including TikTok and will continue to do so.”

TikTok said it was dismayed by the decision. “We are disappointed with the guidance that the BBC has shared but welcome the fact that TikTok can still be used as part of editorial, marketing and reporting purposes. The BBC has a strong presence on our platform, with multiple accounts from news through to music reaching our engaged community both in the UK and around the world.

“We believe these bans have been based on fundamental misconceptions and driven by wider geopolitics. We remain in close dialogue wit the BBC and are committed to working with them to address any concerns they have.”

Of late, Denmark’s DR became the first national television station to ban employees from using TikTok on work devices.

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TikTok is used by more than one billion people globally.

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