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Emmanuelle Beart talks about being victim of parental abuse

Award-winning French actress Emmanuelle Beart said that she was a victim of incest as a child. Her experience is revealed in a documentary that she co-directed titled Such a Resounding Silence. In the documentary she reveals details of the abuse but does not reveal the name of her abuser. She also said that in the end it was her grandmother who helped her.

At the press conference, her co-director Anastasia Mikova also spoke about Beart’s experience saying that her alleged attacker was not her father. She also said that the incest started when Beart was just 10 and continued until she was 14.

An excerpt from the film hears her saying to her abuser; “Since my father, my mother and my friends didn’t notice anything, you could do this again, and you did, over four years.”

The film chronicles the story of four victims of incest with Beart included. It will premiere on Sept 24 in France.

Beart abused

Beart is famous in France and has been nominated for a Cesar award eight times. She also received the Cesar for best supporting actress for her performance in Manson des Sources (1986). The Cesar is the equivalent of the Oscars in the United States.

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Beart is also well-known for French films which are well known outside France as well such as 8 Women, Nelly & Monsieur Arnaud and A Strange Passion.

She appeared in Mission Impossible in 1996 playing the role of Claire Phelps.

Beart in a video message at the press conference, she said that she did not want to talk about herself at first but the honesty and courage of the other victims made her want to speak up too.

France 24 reports that according to Ciivise, which is a government created commission for the protection of sexual abuse victims, some 160,000 children become victims of sexual assault every year in France. In addition 5.5 million French adults suffered sexual abuse during their childhood.

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