Many Americans today think that President Joe Biden is doing a bad job as president and that if he were given a letter grade, it would be an F.

Assuming office in January 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 contagion, Biden has been dealing with the economic mutilations of the universal health calamity, including a spiraling inflation rate. This year, his approval rating drifted as low as 36% in May and June.

In the poll conducted by Quinnipiac University, just 31% of American adults said they approve of the way Biden handles his job, while 60% disapproved of it. 

“I don’t really think that he’s made strong decisions to progress our country forward in terms of our economy,” a Texas woman said and gave Biden an F or a D-minus as reported by Fox News.

Resign Biden

In Nashville, many Americans said their Christmas wish was for the president to resign.

“I’d tell him to retire — now,” Ray, visiting from Pennsylvania, told Fox News.

Throughout his first two years in office, Biden was confronted with several challenges, including the Afghanistan withdrawal, the Russia-Ukraine war, and record-high inflation.

Bill, from New Hampshire, said he would ask the President “to try to do everything possible to stop the war in Ukraine and come to a resolution somehow.”

“Get Whelan,” Mike, from New York, said, referring to the former Marine imprisoned in Russia since 2018, Paul Whelan, who was left out of a recent prisoner exchange between the U.S and Russia.

“Get him home from Russia, now,” he said.

Biden and the economy

Several people’s Christmas wishes to the president involved ongoing economic woes. “Stop giving all our money away,” one man, Joe, said.

Another, Michael, said he would ask Biden to “give me my 401(k) back.”

“Get the market going. Get the economy going,” he said. “We pay top dollar for everything, and it’s just getting ridiculous.”

Obviously, Americans are not happy with their current president.

Should he listen to their call? Or wait for 2024?

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