Suspicious activity reports sent by banks are being thoroughly reviewed by the House Oversight Committee and may indicate the involvement of the family of President Biden in dubious activities.

Such review is predicted to fast-track the inquiry into Joe Biden’s links to undertakings in China, Russia, and Ukraine.

To recall, it was reported by CBS News last year that there were over 150 suspicious activity reports that involved first son Hunter and first brother James.

The committee’s review of the documents is expected to expose fresh insights into the Biden family’s transnational business schemes, which have remained shrouded in mystery amid the White House’s refusal to answer basic questions.

Biden Brothers Ventures

During the eight years their powerful father was vice president, Hunter and James pursued consulting work and investments in many countries and involved him directly in many of those business dealings.

Republicans claim that the president’s international business deals create conflicts of interest and may even lead to corruption.

Comer (R-Ky.) has sought records from a variety of sources and claimed on Monday night that newly retrieved bank documents show that a “new Biden family member that has never before been included in any of these investigations” received a portion of a $3 million payment from a Chinese energy company in early 2017.

Comer stated that the information came from records he obtained from Bank of America concerning three family members.

Likewise, Hunter and James Biden received at least $4.8 billion from CEFC China Energy in 2017 and 2018, according to a Washington Post review of documents from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

A President compromised

In the 2022 House Committee on Oversight & Reform Republicans Interim Staff Report, the conclusion stated that “President Joe Biden lied to the American people about his personal involvement with his family’s global business dealings. Evidence indicates that the President personally participated in and benefitted from these financial ventures, leaving him open to influence, blackmail, or extortion by malign or foreign entities such as the CCP.”

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