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Conservatives state that Biden’s approval rating has been at an all time low of any American President in history. Furthermore, they feel that this is mostly related to the illegal migrant crisis and that even the most woke cities of the country are bracing for the consequences of his actions. 

According to the Hill, a recent CBS News poll indicates President Biden’s immigration handling earned a record-low approval, with just 32% of Americans endorsing his border management. Congressional Republicans also fared poorly, with a mere 35% approval for their border approach. 

About 45% consider the border situation a crisis, while 30% see it as a serious problem. Sixty-three percent advocate for stricter border control, contrasting the 16% in favour of easing it. Negativity toward immigrants surfaced, with nearly half suggesting a detrimental long-term impact on American society. 

Biden’s illegal migration crisis affecting most woke cities 


Conservatives claim that the illegals are brought in the country to help the Democrats win, but this is a bold claim. Furthermore, the user adds that 25 million illegals that came under George W. Bush, who was a Republican President, is voting for the Democrats 70-30. 


The sentiments that Democrats are desperately wanting to replenish those that left their states for red states with illegals are quite high among conservatives. Following that, the southern states are sending these illegals in droves to these woke liberal cities, as mentioned by an X user. 


Others state that illegals who enter America should be taught to not be woke in any way at all. One of the ways that conservatives can “backfire” the alleged liberal plan is to make these people conservative. However, other conservatives state that these people should be deported out of America. 

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