LawBLM style unrest sparked in the UK after business owner attacks Black...

BLM style unrest sparked in the UK after business owner attacks Black woman and accuses her of stealing 

It seems that the BLM movement is making its way all over to the UK. The label of White supremacism is no longer in attachment to White people, as it is now lumping in Asians as well. Recently, a Black woman was accused of stealing a wig in a store, which then escalated into a physical fight between the store owner and the woman. 

The Guardian states, following a call on Monday, the Metropolitan police are opening an investigation into an incident at a store in Peckham. Furthermore, a call for peace was made as protesters gathered outside the business on Tuesday. The local police chief for Southwark, Seb Adjei-Addoh, addresses concerns about an online video showing a guy physically holding a woman, which got worse as she tried to get away. 

Following that, the Runnymede Trust, a proponent of racial justice, expresses dismay at the occurrence. They call for addressing the violence against black women that is the norm in society. Mayor Sadiq Khan voices his concerns and is requesting further details. Be that as it may, it is still quite wrong for a man to violently grab a woman. 

BLM style unrest happening in the UK after business owner attacks Black woman 


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However, it seems that most conservatives on X are agreeing with the business owner. They feel that he should receive compensation for the inconvenience that he had to go through. Users inherently feel that certain individuals may be problematic and would try to start some trouble with business owners despite their race. 

Following that, users state that the woman is a criminal as they claim that she was trying to steal something from the shop. However, in today’s world, if someone is not White, they can claim racism towards anything. Conservatives agree with this sentiment as this has been happening in the United States. 

There are several racist remarks towards Black individuals. Some users state that the woke agenda would call law and order a White supremacy problem. However, not all people of a certain race are problematic. It is rather unfortunate that the woman went through this, but she was also attacking the store owner as well. 

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