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Conservatives mocking woman claiming cheating on her husband made her a better mother, then complains she’s now “poor” 

The stories of spouses cheating on each other is one of the oldest tales of time. Unfortunately, regardless if an individual is woke or not, there are some humans who tend to be unfaithful to their partners. However, in this case, a woman claims that cheating on her husband made her a better mother to her children. 

According to an article from 2020 on Medium, a woman was surprised by the unusual good behaviour from her kids. Following that, her two sons, eight and nine, were known for their mischievousness and daily tantrums. They tend to act out more than behave well. 

Furthermore, the mother wonders if her sons were different or if she was the one who was different. It was the latter. After years of suffering in a miserable marriage, she decides to have an affair. She no longer felt like the same person and was happier than she had been in a long time. She claims that her newfound happiness was rubbing off on her sons.

However, in an ironic twist of faith, two years later she ends up “poor”. In 2022, it appears that the same person is upset that her son’s friends are “richer”. Regardless, there are decisions made by people, and they have to brace the consequences and responsibilities of their actions. 

X users mocking woman claiming cheating on her husband makes her a better mother 

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In addition to this, users state that this is somewhat karma. Prior to this, she would have a husband to help bring money into her home. However, X users see that she cheated and for obvious reasons the men would leave. Conservatives are feeling that she deserves this financial downturn. 


Following that, many agree that cheaters are losers. This is regardless of the genders. Furthermore, prior to this, it would typically be the husbands who are unfaithful. Oddly enough, thanks to the woke culture, it seems that women who are mothers feel the encouragement to do so. 

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However, there are certain circumstances where the husband may not be the best. It is rather unfortunate but cheating is still not the solution. There are ways to solve the problem, either by seeking couple’s therapy or if the worst comes, divorce and then seek out new potential partners.

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