Business & EconomyBrittany Dawn, fitness influencer-scammer’s trial postponed

Brittany Dawn, fitness influencer-scammer’s trial postponed

Brittany Dawn Davis, a.k.a. Brittany Dawn, a fitness influencer from Texas is scheduled to be tried this week but the trial date was postponed and no new date has been given.

Brittany Dawn was sued by the state Attorney General’s Office in February 2022 for allegedly conducting deceptive business practices and not delivering personalized fitness and nutrition plans like she promised the thousands of customers with eating disorders.

As per an ABC News report, Dallas court officials had not reached the case on the docket and weren’t sure when they would get to it.

Based on the lawsuit filed, Davis charged customers $92 to $300 for her purportedly tailored plans, however, she failed to connect with them for their one-on-one coaching and check-ins, as promised.

Brittany Dawn Davis Influencing People

Brittany Dawn began her career in 2014 when she founded the company Brittany Dawn Fitness which rapidly grew. She currently boasts 1.3 million followers on TikTok and about 467,000 on Instagram.

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In the lawsuit filed, it was alleged that depending on the plan a customer purchased, he/she could receive daily or weekly training by email and personalized coaching.

“However, the online nutrition and fitness plans delivered to consumers were not individualized,” the lawsuit states.

Brittany Dawn denies “generally every allegation” made by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

However, in the report, it was indicated that one customer only received a single email from Davis with no adjustments made to her plan. Another customer stopped receiving communication from Davis after two weeks.

Other customers received no responses or, if they did, they were generic, including phrases like “THAT’S MY GIRL! You’re killing it!” or “You’ve got this babe!”

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In addition to Davis’ failure to provide coaching and check-ins, she and her company “largely ignored consumer complaints.”

When complaints were addressed, only partial refunds were offered.

A 2019 report from “Good Morning America” found that customers received anywhere from $50 refunds to full refunds if they signed an NDA.

Kenzie Andino told local ABC affiliate WFAA that she paid $300 for one of Davis’ plans in 2017 but says she quickly learned she wasn’t getting what she was promised.

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